is everything complex build from primitive components?
Created, designed and installed by humans, equipped with functions, duties, algorithms,
maintained and updated from time to time, machines are beings, which, if you will, can
also be described as "intelligent life form". The existence of each part is temporary, as in
humans. The EngineRoom (all existing machines and parts in a network of machines
and parts) remains the superior system, even if there is a quantitative change (eg in case of
failure of parts, or the addition of machines and parts). The inherent logic of the machine
is clearly a human logic, which makes machines humanoids. An artificial kind of human
possessing an artificial kind of human intelligence or maybe a projection of this
intelligence (see Ernst Kapps idea of the organ projection). I would like to think that this
is always the case, even if equipping machines with adaptive capabilities such as genetic algorithms
or evolutionary algorithms. machines intelligence at the moment is an intelligence
transferred from man to machine. But lets assume the following situation: machines outlive mankind
by thousands of years, crammed with human intelligence and algorithms, courses of action and
plots. Now existing on their own, no interaction or interconnection, no maintenance or updates
by and with humans. Machines might keep on running forever or at least as long as there is power
driving them. Maybe nothing notable is going to happen, because they just fulfill their given
tasks and routines. Now, is there a possibility that this machines, and the EngineRoom all together,
develop, at some point in time, a consciousness of their own sort? I mean a machine consciousness that
does not originate from algorithms, or the logic humans transferred (projected) into the machines.
And if so, how...? How did mankind become conscious. It might have been a freak accident. Maybe the
question should be: how did logic and reason occur? It looks like that there is no consciousness
without logic and consciousness is based on logic and on ability. First there was logic and the ability
to combine (ratio) input (information) and handling or generate an output. Observe and formulate.
Only on the basis of logic consciousness is possible. I always imagine an unaware being, hundreds of
thousand of years ago, sitting and starring and than there was something triggering and this
life-form started becoming conscious about things around it and itself ...
no no no no... not exactly
it can not be that simple..
there is an important piece missing. the biological enclosure (body) in which this thoughts
and therefore consciousness has to take place. this is discussed in the field of "embodied cognition".
Not only has it to be executed within a body, the body itself might be shaping the thought, the logic
and therefore has to have an influence on cognition and consciousness itself.

as i state in some of my artistic works (eg. do trivial machines dream non-trivial dreams)
everything complex is build from primitive components.
but one can never be sure.

christian stefaner-schmid

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