Bowie Lyrics Generator - General (Vienna, January 2016)

About a strange young man
I will do me harm
And I open my eyes to look around
And we'd sleep, oh so close
Life rolls into one for them
Through her deafened ears the cash machines were shrieking on the counter
But He can't sing about that
You gave your heart to every bedsit room

Yeah I lay down a while
And showed me the leather belt round his hips
with the potential of a superman
I Will Fight For the Right to be Right

'Cause she's hoping to score

I said that time may change me
And I ain't got the power anymore
And their heads of Brawn

The paintings are all your own
For they knew not the words of the Free States' refrain

When a nation hides
Satori must be something
She was led away bewildered and amazed
Who praised Their efforts
While the sane stay underground
To the girl with the mousy hair
on the Cathedral floor
down the old street
Though I don't suppose we'll meet
He's in the best selling show
Not of the best of men, but Ours
You never know, you might find it here on
They say your life is going very well
Who praised Their efforts
God knows I'm good
What are we coming to
And my eye sockets empty

They take some brain away

Not of the best of men, but Ours
The Children of the summer's end
Your minds are too green, I despise all I've seen
I'm tethered to the logic
Not of the best of men, but Ours
There's no room for anger, we're all very small, Oh by jingo
Then she moved toward the exit clutching tightly at her paper bag

// - //