Bowie Lyrics Generator - General (Vienna, January 2016)

and little is new
(Where can the horizon lie
It don't feel like no bed at all
And gloomy browed with superfear their tragic endless lives

I was walking through the counters of a national concern
Cause they haven't taken back my rifle
We must have died alone, a long long time ago
or the cads
So I better get away, better make it today
As the rope began to rise
About twelve times a day
Not hearing anymore
Don't deceive with belief
Strange games they would play then
Who had fainted to the whirling
I'm starving for me Gravy

It seemed the taste was not so sweet
We burnt one hundred days
[CHORUS (x2)]

Will all the cacti find a home

Homo Sapiens have outgrown their use
I need you flying, and I'll show that dying

Nothing can They spare
Then she took my head, smashed it up
So hold on to nothing, and he won't let you down, Oh by jingo
Kept my young blood rising
Won't someone invite them
Just in time, at times, I guess
Someone else to hear
Don't turn your nose up
Gently weeping nights
(Turn around, go back!)

Put you all inside my show
And You Want to Believe
It's very catching
We planted seeds of rebirth
And we can glide along
Not me at all
Why didn't I say,
Lovers never lose

And it's no taste at all
Don't you know you're driving your
Your strange demand
In the madness that calls 'Now'
The snake and I, a venom high

// - //