Bowie Lyrics Generator - General (Vienna, January 2016)

We planted seeds of rebirth
Infiltrated business cesspools
And I'd rather play here
Your circuit's dead,
At least a picture on my wall
So rest your head and
Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know
And the tears on the face
Nightmare dreams no mortal mind could hold
Where the snow had saved a place
He's down on the street
Fear's just in your Head
Where the snow had saved a place
Why didn't I say,
ten times or more

Real Cool Traders
ten times or more
Hating through Our sleeves
Then we'll throw it on the fire
That even I can't face

The paintings are all your own
ten times or more
Stumbled to cry among the clouds

to be free?
Oh God, I could do better than that
There are children in washrooms

It's very catching
I sing with impertinence, shading impermanent chords, with my words
As the night begins for one
And I'm phoning a cab
Kept my young blood rising
You've really made the grade
Time takes time to pass
on the ground
Clutched the heart of the crowd
Now the damned have no time to make amends
I'm starving for me Gravy
Strange, mad celebration
He makes you laugh
See the mice in their million hordes

And the Braque on the wall
I'm not quite right at I?

Only in your Head

We scanned the skies with rainbow eyes and saw machines of every shape and size
It was ragged and naive

// - //